How to add value to your home come auction day

Thursday 05 Jul 2018

Renovating your home to increase its price come auction day is risky business. If you don’t have the right goals and expectations it’s very easy to get carried away and end up paying more than your reward. There are some simple renovations that can be done to give you the best return including:

New kitchen

Updating a kitchen is one of our top ways to add value to your home. An old kitchen can be a distraction to buyers that want a home that can be lived in straight away. Costs for a basic kitchen vary but are reasonable when measured against the value they can add. Ensure that fittings are simple and stylish without placing too much of yourself into the design.

Fresh paint and new carpet

A coat of paint and new carpets make a home feel fresh. Show off the structural features of the home with a bright white on the walls and modern neutral tones in the carpet. Again, try to avoid trendy colours and feature walls as these are likely to only appeal to some buyers and may be seen as something that needs covering up if not somebody’s taste. Fresh paint and new caper are two of the most cost-effective ways to give a tired property new life!


Much like a kitchen tired bathrooms are a distraction to potential buyers. Buyers expect modern and clean bathrooms so once again ensure that fittings and finishes are sleek and simple. Personal touches can always be added by the buyer, so ensure they have the perfect blank canvas.


The Australian lifestyle drags us into the outdoors to enjoy afternoons and weekends with friends and family. Tease buyers with areas that they can visualise themselves enjoying like an outdoor courtyard. This can be created with some new paving, outdoor sound system or mood lighting. At a minimum laying new grass and doing some basic  garden beds and landscaping can be done at a relatively low cost with maximum effect.

- Shore Financial