Why everyone needs financial planning advice

Thursday 05 Jul 2018

How well do you understand Australia’s superannuation system? Are you making the most of the latest thresholds and incentives? How about managing your debt? All under control and being used productively? Have you checked out your insurances lately? Do you have enough, and of the right sort, to protect yourself and your family from the financial fallout of illness, injury or (yes, we need to mention it), death? What about your savings and investment plans? Do they provide you with a roadmap to future financial security? What’s your strategy for protecting what you’ve already achieved?

The fact is, whether it’s to do with insurance or investment, superannuation or tax, we live in a complex financial environment. But that complexity creates opportunities as well as challenges, and sound financial planning advice can help you make the most of those opportunities to build a secure financial future.

In the absence of good advice it’s easy to make expensive mistakes or suffer the costs that come from neglecting your finances. Why take the risk? Shore Financial’s team of qualified financial planners can help you protect what you have and identify strategies and opportunities to grow your wealth. Contact us today and we’ll help you take the first steps towards a more secure financial future.

- Shore Financial