Handy hacks for choosing carpet!

Thursday 05 Jul 2018

Beautiful carpet has the power to dramatically transform a room. It can instantly add cosiness, soften the aesthetic and make a bold visual statement, not to mention reduce the noise in your home. Choosing carpet on the other hand, can be confusing and time-consuming. With so many styles and shades to choose from, even the savviest of stylists can easily get overwhelmed picking the perfect carpet.  We’ve made it easy for you by giving you 6 tips to make choosing carpet a breeze! 

1. Look at Your Lifestyle Always start by looking at the purpose of the space you’re carpeting. Busy areas of the home that get a lot of traffic, such as the hallway and family room, need a durable carpet, whereas low-traffic areas like bedrooms allow you to opt for more sophisticated and luxurious styles.  If you have children and pets, it’s wise to go for a forgiving colour and stronger pile, such as a textured loop pile or a quality hard-twist cut. 

2. Consider Your Colours When choosing the colour of your carpet, make sure it complements all the other elements in the room. Check that it complements your wall colour, window treatments and furnishings.  The most versatile carpet shades are charcoal, taupe and sand. as they disguise dust and stains and offer a neutral palette for styling the rest of your room. Darker shades in bedrooms, create a luxurious and retreat-like atmosphere, whereas lighter shades make a room appear larger and cooler.  Another option is to choose a carpet that combines two colours in a subtle, neutral blend, which makes it easier to disguise annoying stains. Note: Carpet always appears lighter to the eye once it’s installed, and has a tendency to fade over time. So choose a colour that is one or two shades darker than your first choice. 

3. Finding The Best Fabric There are many carpet fabrics to choose from - including wool, nylon, and wool-nylon mixes - as well as more luxurious styles such as alpaca and wool-silk mixes.  Pure WoolIf you’re after quality, luxury and softness, then pure wool carpet is hard to beat. In addition to being a natural and sustainable material, wool carpet is also low in allergens and easy to maintain. SyntheticFor a more cost-effective option, you can’t go past synthetic carpets. Today’s choices are now softer and more luxurious than years gone by and synthetic carpets are far more hardwearing and stain-resistant than wool varieties. Wool BlendIf you really want the best of both, choose a wool blend carpet. You’ll enjoy the practical hardwearing properties of a synthetic carpet, as well as the natural appeal of wool in your home. 

4. Get In The Loop Before you choose your carpet pile, think about what type of decor you have and the decorating style you want to achieve. You also want to pay attention to pile height and density too.  If you’re after a ‘hotel luxe’ look, then a long, plush pile carpet is the perfect choice.  A casual loop-pile style carpet adds a relaxed coastal style vibe to a bedroom or living area. Whereas, a short, tight pile will go the extra mile and show less wear and indentation. For something different, you can opt for a combination of a loop and cut pile. This carpet has contrasting textures that create a light and dark pattern that minimises footprints and creates a pleasant feel underfoot. 

5. Take A Sample  To make style choice easier, it’s a great idea to take photos of the room and your furnishings, and then take them with you when browsing carpets at the showroom.  Once you’ve narrowed down your options, take samples home with you, so you can see what the carpet will look like in your space and at the different times of the day. 

6. Do A Softness Test Lastly, make sure your favourite carpet styles pass the ‘softness test.’  This test, is as simple as kicking off your shoes and letting your toes sink in to the pile.  Finally, if you and the family, love to lay on the floor, go for a heavy weight dense carpet that will offer more support and longer durability. 

- Richardson & Wrench